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In 2014 we decided that the key business strategy during a crisis would be the following:

Do work in a qualitative manner
at the minimum possible price

At the moment matter of price for customers is critically important. In a difficult economic environment, as a rule, first of all most customers are interested in COST and almost lastly in QUALITY of goods and services.

It applies to almost any business field.

But cheap is never good, so it’s so important to understand how the price of a product or service is formed. Unfortunately, not all customers think about itе. Most use cost as the key factor for choosing a contractor. And unscrupulous sellers-competitors often misuse it.

We try to find fair trade-off in pricing policy.

We DON’T “demand” exorbitant price, we work with reference to man-hours. If it is impossible to do the work efficiently due to budgetary constraints, we refuse such work. To do our work BAD we DO NOT want and WILL NOT.

If we can’t do the work at the appropriate level, we would rather recommend third-party contractors who can do this work in the budget that is, but with a lower level of quality or offer more optimum options to solve your problems.

How is the services price formed?

We have a transparent pricing system.

For each service a generic list of work is planned, which we plan to carry out monthly under the project. There are costs in man-hours for each work. There is a cost per hour of specialist work. Thus the service price is formed.

20 USD
Average cost of one hour of the specialist work

One hour cost includes


Salaries and wages of employees


Operating costs (copywriting, links, payment for the functional of various scripts, services, programs, etc.)




Company overhead (office rental, utility bills, mobile service and internet, CRM, costs for HR and system administrator, accounting and cleaning services, banking and transportation expenses, depreciation of office equipment, office supplies and much more)


Expenses for training specialists


Marketing costs


Company profit

Why is it so cheap?
Why is it so expensive?
Do you offer a discount?

We minimize our overhead costs and work with the lowest possible budget.

The graph shows the average cost of an hour of specialist work. The cost of an hour of a programmer / designer / layout designer will be more expensive. We believe that the price is reasonable and conforms to the high quality of services and customer service. We do not think that it is expensive or cheap; it is reasonable cost of our labor, taking into account current economic realities.

If you think that other companies sell you an hour of specialist work cheaper, then most likely you are very mistaken.

In fact if you calculate ALL expenses of your company and divide by the number of employees working in the office you will realize that the actual cost of an hour of specialist work is much higher than you thought.

The lower cost of an hour as a rule is due to the fact that the work is performed by employees with low qualifications who may not even be in the company office. Lower rates and cost of services may also be due to the fact that less time is set for certain work.

We want qualified specialists to work with our clients and spend as much time as they need to get results. We do not want to cut corners on the quality of work and customer service, so the average cost per hour of our specialists is just that.

We are a small company so every client is important to us.

For us there is no difference between a high-profile project with a large budget and a project with a low-cost tariff. We approach everyone equally carefully, we try to offer everyone the maximum, taking into account the budget and the number of hours set to the project

МWe go about our work really well because our goal is to become one of the best search engine promotion companies in the CIS.

Our mission and major desire - to give customers confidence that everything will be done exactly as it shall be.

As for various discounts and sales promotions as a rule there are only 2 options for how this promotion came into being:

Option 1:

For example there is a regular price in a given company for a product or service, let us suppose it is 600 USD

What can I do for you? Discount? 20%?

Well, let's do it, the total price for you will be 600 * 0,8 = 480 USD

Question is the quantity and quality of the service must also be reduced at least by 40% to make sure we don’t work in the red, well, or to involve an intern or a novice and not an expert in order to somehow save. Remember there will always be someone who makes it cheaper.

Option 2:

For example there is a regular price in a given company for a product or service, let us suppose it is 600 USD

It is necessary to increase the price at least by 50 percent so that we could give you a discount.

No sooner said than done. Total 600 * 1,5 = 900 USD

So now we can give you a discount :)

How much will we give? Well, let's knock off 200 USD.


  • We show the old price: 900 USD
  • We show the new price: 700 USD
  • We give a larger discount: 200 USD
  • Sale promotion is ready.

Wait? And where is another 100 USD?

And we spend 100 USD on advertising so that everyone knows about our miracle sale promotion, we must somehow attract a client.

In most situations discounts are formed in this way. We do not have discounts, we had no discounts and will not have but we can think with you due to what it is possible to reduce the number of working hours for the project and possibl, refuse some work while reducing your costs.

Do not chase after cheap price: if you underpay for something you receive less than due. There is not another way.

What do you save on working with us?

  • We do not hire unnecessary people; there are only those who bring real benefits to customers.
  • We have a modest office when compared with other companies working in the same field.
  • By saving on overhead we have low fixed costs. This significantly reduces the cost of our services and allows us to offer our customers the most favorable terms for the price, quality and volume of work performed.

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