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How to promote a website in the right way

1.Audit 2.Promotion 3.Analytics and Usability What is
Website Promotion

Complex Website Audit

At first it is necessary to diagnose the current state of the site at the initial stage of the work. To implement the task we make a comprehensive website audit. Based on the done audit programmer technical tasks and website promotion strategies are developed.

Target Audience Analysis

It is necessary to sort out and analyze the primary motivation, aims and tasks of the website audience; to group the audience, to figure out key client categories; to describe the worries of each target group and understand how to use the knowledge on the website.


  • Drawing up a document with a list of website technical errors;
  • Drawing up technical tasks for a programmer to refine a website;
  • Elimination of errors found during technical audit;
  • Keywords grouping and choosing pages for their promotion;
  • Analysis and understanding of target audience needs.

What should not you do?

“If you don't know where you're going, you're probably going wrong.” (Tharry Pratchett)

Most sales managers analyze client’s business skin- deep without immersing in the details of the business process. As a result, while working on a project, a team of technical specialists does not fully understand client’s business goals and objectives

Works Planned and Accomplished Report

We divide the created and approved website promotion strategy into iterations. An iteration is a work plan for every report period (every month). We carry out the work of each iteration together with reporting about the completed work and present the work plan for the next report period.

We carry out all the work complex on the project

While working on the project we perform all the works on both onsite and offsite optimization, write articles, fill in a website with the necessary content, improve usability, analyze the results and, if necessary, adjust the promotion strategies.


  • Improving website positions:
  • Website traffic growth;
  • Growth in the number of potential customers;
  • Monthly progress reports.

What should not you do

Most of contractors don't make complex website promotion, so many clients shold do most of project work themselves. Some agencies don't make work done reports, so it's difficult to track what kind of work was done on the project in this reporting period.

Detailed Analysis

We perform the current website ranking analysis and constantly work to improve it. We consider user behavior on website pages to detect problem points to eliminate them further. We analyze competitors’ websites, find and integrate better solutions and elements.

Website Improvement and Completion

It is important to remember website usability and conversion rates improvement (except basic SEO works on website) in order to maximize profit. We perform website usability audit, prepare draft layouts as well as technical tasks for programmers and designers to improve a website. Additionally, we are devoted of tasks setting, update management and done works examination.


  • Interviewing potential clients to find out website weak points;
  • Preparing a document based on Usabiliti audit;
  • Growth in the number of potential customers;
  • Preparing recommendations based on competitor analysis.

What should not you do

In the process many companies prepare only a list of comments and do not control the work on their implementation. The technical task send to the client and he contacts the developers of the website, sets tasks and takes work by himself. As a result the customer spends a lot of time communicating with developers and in most cases poorly understands how to evaluate the quality of work performed.

Фото продвижения сайта в поисковой выдаче

What is website promotion?

Website promotion (Search Engine Optimization) is a number of actions to improve your website in order to enhance the trust of such popular search engines as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. to your website.

As a result of SEO activities, your website gets promoted to higher rankings that increases its traffic and, thus, stimulates earnings and income.

Most users look only through the first page of the searching results. So it is crucial to be at the first positions in search engines. It is important to be on TOP. Website promotion and optimization is crucial if you want to increase earnings and income from your website.

Advantages of promotion:

Transitions of targeted visitors to the site

Those who are interested in your products or services will come to your site.

Low cost per contact

Low cost of contact with a potential client (much lower than in print media, billboards and display advertising). We guarantee high quality without overpayments.

Improving the overall image of the company

Potential customers do not view search engines as advertising, therefore they trust this information more.


You are always able to track the quality and effectiveness of promotion by the number of clicks of potential customers to your website.

High level of conversion of site visitors to applications and calls

Website promotion is always aimed precisely at attracting the attention of the target audience (as opposed to advertising on radio and television)

Any “medal” has a downside. Features of website promotion are:

Possible instability of site positions in search engine results

Search engine algorithms change very often. No one SEO company can give a 100% guarantee on holding positions in the TOP of search results.

Delayed in time result.

Properly conducted search engine optimization allows you to get the first results no earlier than 3-4 months from the start of work on the project.


Website of the market leader of goods for children

Old version:
Want the same
The website name:
Type of a website:
online shop
goods for children
Promotion area:
Number of queries:
more than 600
Google visibility:
Traffic results:
growth up to 29 000 people per month. search engine rankings

автокресло romer (baby car seat romer) 1
польские коляски (polish prams) 1
прогулочные коляски цены (strollers prices) 1
купить прогулочную коляску (buy a stroller) 5
прогулочные коляски (strollers) 5
коляски cam (cam's prams) 1
купить детскую коляску (buy a stroller) 3
стульчик для кормления peg perego (highchair peg perego) 2 website rankings are actual on 27.09.2019

Brief work description

We faced the necessity to lift the sanctions imposed on the website by Google when starting working on promotion. We had to lift filters against website. While working, we changed the website design completely, implemented some commercial elements to improve conversion. Thanks to the onsite optimization complex work, we increased the website traffic considerably

Old version:
Want the same
Website name:
Type of a site:
an online catalogue
sales of styrofoam and styrofoam goods
Promotion area:
Number of queries:
Google visibility:
Traffic results:
rankings growth and increase in requests from the website search engines rankings

пенопласт от производителя (styrofoam from from а manufacturer) 2
купить пенопласт (to buy styrofoam) 3
пенопласт оптом (wholesales styrofoam) 3
пенопласт минск (styrofoam Minsk) 4
производство пенопласта (styrofoam production) 5
пенопласт ппт 25 (styrofoam ppt 25) 3
пенопласт для фасада (frontage styrofoam) 1
заказать пенопласт (to order styrofoam) 5 rankings are actual on 26.09.2019

Brief work description

The main goal of the project was to increase website search engines rankings, to refine and improve website design, to inform potential clients that only a manufacturer can have the fair prices for styrofoam. We completed every task successfully.

Old version:
Want the same
Website name:
Type of a site:
an online catalogue
metal furniture for offices and storehouses
Promotion area:
Number of Queries:
Google visibility:
Work results:
rankings growth and increase in requests from the website search engines rankings

металлическая мебель (metal furniture) 3
стеллажи металлические сборные (prefabricated metal shelving) 1
паллетные стеллажи (pallet racks) 4
стеллажи паллетные купить (to buy pallet racks) 3
шкаф гардеробный металлический двухсекционный (two-section wardrobe metal wardrobe) 2
стеллажи складские паллетные (pallet storage racks) 4
стеллажи для хранения шин (tire storage racks) 5
стеллаж металлический минск (a metal shelving Minsk) 6 rankings are actual on 24.09.2019

Brief work description

The client had been working with another company to promote their website for a long time, but the site rankings and the volume of work wasn’t enough for the client. That’s why, they had changed the company. At first, we did SEO audit and discussed our idea of further improvement and development of the website. The client was happy about the offered ideas. During the first six months we performed website promotions to improve the search enginerankings. From the seventh month, simultaneously with SEO, we did website complex redesign and improvement. As a result, we drove the website to the top in search engines. We also upgraded the website design significantly, as well as improved the website design a lot. It all led to the growth of calls and requests.

Old version:
Want the same
Website name:
Type of a site:
an online catalogue
sales of plumbing goods
Promotion area:
Number of Queries:
Google visibility:
Work results:
Positions growth and increase in requests from the website search engines rankings

кран шаровый итап (ball valve) 5
коллектор для теплого пола купить в минске (to buy the collector for a heat-insulated floor in Minsk) 4
краны шаровые itap (itap ball valves) 7
полипропиленовые трубы вавин (polypropylene pipes vavin) 3
купить металлопластиковую трубу (to buy a plastic pipe) 5
кран радиаторный угловой (an angular radiator crane) 4
купить трубу пвх 110 (to buy pvc pipe 110) 6
купить коллектор для теплого пола (to buy a collector for underfloor heating) 4 rankings are actual on 28.09.2019

Brief work description

When we only started working on this website, the situation was really sad. The website CMS was self-made. The admin functionality was limited. We discussed every point with the client and agreed on website redesign to make it more modern and user-friendly as well as to introduce adaptive responsive website design. While promoting, we did complex website redesign and improved usability; we also performed onsite and offsite optimization. Due to the done work, the website appeared at much better positions in search engines.

High-quality flags and advertising goods manufacturer website

Old version:
Want the same
Website name:
Type of a site:
an online catalogue
production of advertising goods
Promotion area:
Number of queries:
Google Visibility:
Work results:
growth of website rankings and increase in requests from the website search engines rankings:

пресс волл (press wall) 5
печать на ткани (printing on fabric) 4
флажки (flags) 5
флагштоки (flagpoles) 3
купить флаг (to buy a flag) 1
флаги на заказ (custom flags) 1
печать на ткани в минске (printing on fabric in Minsk) 4
изготовление флагов (flag production ) 1 rankings are actual on 29.09.2019

Brief Work Description

The project started the promotion process in a very bad condition. The website home page was awful. Unfortunately, we were not able to keep the old site on a subdomain, but you can see how it looked here (web archive). While working on the project we decided to refine the site home page and to improve the navigation. We figured out and segmented company basic work directions, emphasized company key advantages, described offers for different types of clients. We also added new sections (photo gallery, reviews/feedback etc). Thanks to done changes and constant website promotion activity, website positions improved considerably on basic queries.

What happens during website promotion?

1 promotion

Audit. Technical tasks preparation. Errors elimination. Queries grouping.

At the first stage of website promotion work we diagnose a website and make a conclusion, whether the website corresponds to the search engines requirements or not.

Relying on audit results, a SEO engineers prepares a technical task for programmers indicating the priority and importance of each point of the technical task. If an outsource programmer is invited to refine the website, these works will be paid additionally. The costs of the work are estimated by a programmer taking into account every point separately. A client is able to choose what improvements will be done initially and what tasks will be transferred to further stages.

At this stage a SEO engineer eliminates errors detected while auditing a website. Some tasks to refine and improve a site, which are not linked to editing programming and visual issues, are performed by a SEO engineer during website promotion.

A SEO engineer groups keywords for further promotion according to the current website rankings, the availability of relevant pages and queries semantic compatibility.

2 nd

Onsite Optimization.

Starting from the second month, we fill in a website with the necessary content.

While working on a project, a SEO engineer analyzes the needs of a target audience, competitors’ content based on promoted queries; then create a technical task for a copywriter, control and check the ready texts for the compliance with search engines requirements.

Additionally, a SEO engineer chooses and posts relevant pictures, videos on the article topic, charts and other page elements that allow visitors to perceive the website content in a better way. A customer service manager agrees on texts with a client. After that a SEO specialist posts them on the promoted pages.

We create and post meta-titles, descriptions and h1 on the promoted pages during the project work

This month SEO engineer usually controls website refinements done by programmers based on the site audit and, if necessary, prepares comments on the performed work.

4 th

Offsite optimization. Onsite optimization.

As a rule, starting from the 4th month we make offsite optimization alongside with onsite optimization. Offsite optimization includes the following:

  • Website registration in theme directories;
  • Competitors websites analysis to consider the external links;
  • Posting links to the promoted website:
    • Creation of link texts in accordance with the list of promoted keywords;
    • Selection of donor websites to post links further;
    • Link placement on theme donor websites;
    • Link placement on local donor websites;
    • Link placement on reviews website;
    • Link placement on job search websites (websites with vacancies, CVs);
    • Link placement on theme and local forums.
  • Monitoring the availability of placed links.

Offsite website promotion is aimed to attract natural external links to the website i.e. such links that are placed as recommendations on sites with target audience

We also extend onsite optimization at this stage:

  • We analyze competitors’ websites on useful topics for potential clients;
  • We create additional theme articles, news and special offers.
6 th

Analytics. Offsite Optimization. Onsite Optimization.

At this stage we analyze the web-analytics system data (Google Analytics) alongside with onsite and offsite optimization

  • Website traffic analysis;
  • Basic website conversion ways analysis;
  • Creating a technical task to improve conversion ways;
  • Forms analysis: detecting possible errors in the work of forms, form design and structure analysis; defining difficulties and obstacles visitors have while filling in forms
  • If necessary, working out recommendations how to refine and improve website forms to increase conversion:
  • Defining the number of non-target website visitors and searching for such sources;
  • Drawing up recommendations to decrease the number of non-target visits to a site by refusing non-target traffic sources;
  • Search and analysis of web pages with bad behavioral factors (visitors spend little time on a website; high level of refusals). Finding reasons why visitors spend little time on a page (the necessary information is possibly absent; inconvenient interface, navigation etc.).

At this stage we fill in a website with additional content (subject articles, news, offers). If necessary, we adjust onsite and offsite promotion strategies.

10 th

Usability. Analytics. Offsite Optimization. Onsite Optimization.

Starting with 10th month we emphasize the website development and improvement by optimizing conversion rates and refining website usability for Optimal and Complex tariffs in addition to onsite and offsite optimization and analytics work.

We perform the following works at this stage:

  • Competitors detailed analysis;
  • Website target audience interviewing to find out problem issues and inconvenient elements;
  • Detailed website usability audit:
    • Creation of draft layouts to refine website convenience for a user;
    • Agreeing on layouts with a client;
    • Preparing a technical task for a programmer and a designer to refine a site;
    • Tasks setting for a programmer and a designer;
    • Monitoring of refinements implementation by performers;
    • Preparing recommendations based on analysis results and usability audit.

Client’s sales processes need to be well-organized in order to maximize profit. To get a result, it is necessary to consider the whole sales chain – TRAFFIC-CONVERSION- SALES. What is more, while working on a project tariff Complex we give recommendations and consult our clients how to tackle sales in a better way.

How do you control website promotion (SEO)?

Report Sample

Report on carried works (exact works done this month are indicated)

Report Sample

Website search engine rankings report

Report Sample

Website availability monitoring report

Report Sample

Traffic report on Complex tariff

You also have access to search engine analytics system Google Analytics where you can see key points of an effective promotion.

What are the guarantees?

Can you guarantee website high search engine rankings?

The main problem of website promotion service is the absence of any clear standards and regulations how to carry it out.

Search engines have their own requirements and recommendations, but the number of website ranking factors is so big that in the process of work every company works out their own understanding of how to drive a website to good search engine rankings.

Our main goal (as a website promotion company) is to understand what solution will be the most effective in the process of work

We see that our main goal is to adjust your website to the search engine requirements and make it more user-friendly for visitors and potential clients with your help.

Cost of promotion in Google

Queries Traffic Hours
from 400

Website keywords promotion

It is one of the most popular types of work. The cost of the work is calculated based on the volume of work to be done to promote and maintain a certain number of queries. Tariffs Standard and Optimal correspond to such type of payment.

Good for: new websites, small online stores, directory websites

from 1200

Website promotion linked to traffic growth.

This type of work implies certain number of hours to perform all works to increase site traffic. The payment usually consists of two parts: subscription fee for the done work and some bonus for the implementation of agreed traffic amount.

Such payment type corresponds to tariff Complex and suits for projects with the ability to promote lots of keywords.

Good for: online stores, portals

from 800

Website promotion linked to time consumed

In this case types of work and time planned to spend to fulfill certain work are agreed. Final cost depends on total monthly timing and hourly rate. The list of works is approved by a client. Usually such payment is good for one-time work or unusual big projects when work plans are agreed at the beginning of the reporting month.

Good for: projects with unusual tasks

Tariffs linked to the number of promoted keywords


400 /per month

up to 100 promoted keywords

Good for new websites and small companies with limited work directions.

Improve search engine rankings


800 /per month

up to 300 promoted keywords

Good for small online stores and online catalogues with a wide choice of services or goods.

To increase audience coverage and website traffic


1200 /per month

Any number of promoted keywords

Good for online stores with a wide assortment of goods, online catalogues, for highly competitive market niches in highly competitive regions.

To increase sales

Complex works on a website

Adding new keywords to semantic core

starting from the 8th month
starting from the 6th month

Complex cycle of works

Viruses protection

paid additionally
paid additionally
paid additionally

Promotion in Google, Bing, Yahoo! simultaneously

Clients consultations

Interaction with hosting service providers and domain names registrar and technical support

Monitoring of outsource specialists work (programmers, layout designers, designers)

Solving clients’ unconventional tasks

paid additionally
paid additionally
Monthly reports
Onsite Optimization
Off-site optimization
Analysis and Recommendations
Specialists Team
Hours per month

Cost per month

  • Standart
  • от 280 USD ($)
  • от 250 EUR (€)
Get an offer
  • Optimal
  • от 400 USD ($)
  • от 355 EUR (€)
Get an offer
  • Complex
  • от 570 USD ($)
  • от 505 EUR (€)
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Three main reasons to work with us

1.We refine and improve our clients’ website while working and make them more sellable.

3.We deeply go into our clients’ businesses and offer unconventional solutions to difficult tasks.

2.We are a small company, that’s why we cherish every client.

Why is it easy to work with us? Why is it hard to work with us?
  • We are aimed at results. We go deeply into your basic business KPI; we consider what resources to use to reach main targets.
  • We teach our clients. To get a result, it is vital to work at every step of sales process; we give recommendations and teach our clients how to tackle the whole sales process organization.
  • We do even more. Our motto is do more than you are expected. Be much better than your competitors and you will always have clients.
  • We save your time. “Time is money”, somebody said and they were really mistaken. You cannot buy time. We save your time by doing the work in the way it should be done at once.
  • We are responsible performers. We manage our tasks very responsibly and we do understand the problems a business faces. We are always ready to find a compromise and help in a difficult situation.
  • We talk to a client on the same language without using lots of technical language.
  • We keep in mind the formula. Client satisfaction = results – expectations. We do our best to promise less and do more.
  • We find effective solutions to any tasks. Taking into account our experience every problem has a solution. If you can solve your problem with money, it is not a problem, it is expenses.
  • Our constant clients are able to get our help and support in any force majeure situation even at non-working hours.
  • We have off the beaten track solutions to our clients’ tasks.
  • We are ready to do more than it is agreed in the contract. It is more important for us clients’ satisfaction while working with us is more important for us than what is written in the contract.
  • We remind about domain and hosting services. Clients often forget to prolong domain agreement or to pay for hosting services. We track it and remind our clients about the payment periods.
  • We go deeply into your business peculiarities and that is why we ask too many questions.
  • We will always remind you about the issues you are fully responsible for (agreeing on texts, content provision etc).
  • We create sites slowly, thoroughly and deliberately. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do work quickly and with top quality.
  • We will strongly recommend you improving every step of a sales process.
  • A client is not always right. We think that clients contact us wishing to find experts, but not to tell us how to perform our work.
  • We do pay attention to small details as they matter. Be ready to help us to improve your project development.

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What determines the cost of services?

The cost of your website promotion depends on many factors. In our company the cost is linked to the hours spent on doing the work to optimize your website

Does your price include the work of a programmer or a designer to complete a website?

All the works to develop and improve a website can be divided into four types: design, website layout, programming and SEO optimization. SEO optimization works to complete and improve a website are included in the website promotion price (this works is not linked to editing program code of the website or improving its visual side). While working on website promotion without additional payment a SEO engineer creates a technical task to improve a website, monitors website improvements, consults programmers and designers, HTML coders on any issues. A SEO specialist also accepts programmer’s website improvements.

When can I expect first results?

The moment when you get first results depends on many factors: website age, website theme, each keyword competition level, time of the website improvements completion. It is also important how much your website concedes in content, design quality, usability, external links mass and assortment to competitors websites.

How long does it take to promote a website?

You need about 6-8 months to get substantial results in the promotion of a website aimed at American market. We can claim that this is the minimum time to promote your website.

What tariff is suitable for me? What is the difference between positions promotion and traffic promotion?

The difference between tariffs is in the number of promoted queries and task allocation on the project during the report periods.

What monthly reports do you offer?

I am going to develop a new website. Do I need SEO?

What is the difference between SEO and contextual advertising?

What is the difference between ECO-SEO, SEO 2.0, SEO 3.0 ….SEO 999.0 from the usual SEO?

There are marketers whose main aim is to attract clients and to increase the number of incoming requests and the volume of sales.

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