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In the XXI century the business strategy of most companies involves an active online presence. The virtual web has turned into a huge marketing space: users are daily looking for some goods or information about services. In order to use another source of traffic attraction you need to pay attention to the development of a modern website. We are ready to help you to handle this issue.

Our abilities

We offer customers the creation and development of a selling site of any type. Before starting work, we key into the business of each customer, define strengths and weaknesses, and study the target audience and competitors. Project base line depends on its complexity and on average takes 2-4 months.

Business card. The simplest variant to announce a company on the internet. It represents one or more pages with general information about the company and contacts for communication.

Online store. A profitable and promising option for business development. The major feature of online stores is that they are characterized by a complex structure with a large number of pages and require availability of a basket.

Promo website. It is necessary to promote a specific product, service or event. During development, the major focus is put on graphic design. Video content is also actively used.

Corporate website. The major feature of such a resource is its functionality. On the one hand, it shall present the company on the network, and on the other hand, it shall attract customers and facilitate the sale of products.

Internet portal. A multifunctional platform with a diverse interactive service: news, forums, voting, advertisements, mail, etc. It is characterized by the availability of catalogs of companies or products of various manufacturers. Internet portals have a complex structure and the need to store a huge amount of information.

Landing Page. Landings are stand-alone pages of an existing resource or specially created one pagers. Developed mainly to collect contact information.

Ad boards. Designed to publish and store a large number of user advertisements.

Individual. It is a non-standard solution to problems. It is created according to a unique idea and has no analogues.

Services. Created to handle applied problems and are characterized by the provision of online services: booking airline tickets, accommodations, etc.

CMS platform choice

CMS – CMS - website management system. In other words, it is an “engine” that can be compared with a car’s motor in terms of importance. The choice of a specific system in most cases depends on two factors: the budget of the customer and the type of website.

  • Joomla. One of the simplest "engines". Among the advantages are ease of use and high popularity.
  • Wordpress. Easy-to-manage system, which is very popular. Provides a wide range of templates and plugins, the option to change the finished code.
  • OpenCart. A free engine designed to develop online stores. It can be installed on any server with support for PHP and MySQL.
  • MODx. A popular system that allows you to develop not only websites, but also web applications. It does not impose extra-heavy requirements on the server it has its own tag syntax.
  • PrestaShop. A modern engine for creating online stores. Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting the high development cost and the heavy load on the server.
  • 1С-Bitrix. A powerful system that allows you to create a website of any type: from a simple business card to a multipage internet portal. Depending on the purpose, the number of modules is selected. It is most popular when creating large projects.
  • Self-signed CMS. They involve the control system development from scratch to solve unique problems. The main disadvantages: the very high cost of implementing the functionality and the difficulty in further modification of the project by third-party specialists.

Этапы работ

Preparatory. At this stage the client fills out a brief, provides its materials (if there are), specify the competitors' websites they like. Our experts conduct a detailed analysis to determine further actions to develop the website.

Problem statement and formulation of the project concept. Any commercial web resource cannot be created for no special reason. It shall be subordinated to a specific goal: selling goods, creating a positive image, disseminating information.

Preparing a semantic core and developing the structure of a future website. The structure of the future project is being worked out based on the selection of key requests and their grouping.

Drawing and approval of the layout. All conceptual design ideas are discussed with the customer. When developing, the designer takes into account its expectations for color design, user interface, graphic elements.

Coding. At this stage the specialist translates the layout into a programming language. Special consideration is given to the development of the correct pages display in all browsers.

Programming and filling. The layout is transferred to the selected control system, and then filled with the necessary content. Basic optimization is underway.

Testing and launchung. The final stage, during which the resource operation is checked. All found holes are corrected, after which the website gets hosted and is launched. When necessary, further support is possible.

Why you should work with us?

Detailed analysis. We offer the best structure for the future website for the client’s business.

Innovative solutions. We dutifully approach the implementation of both simple and non-routine challenges.

Uniqueness. We offer original solutions that advantageously distinguish our client from competitors (we do not deal with simple filling of the ready template).

Seo-friendly website. Our experts initially create a website in accordance with all the requirements of search engines, so it is faster and easier to promote in the top. No need for additional rework for seo-promotion.

Adaptivity. All web resources are correctly displayed on any devices and in any browsers.

Integrity. We will recommend our market colleagues if we are sure that they will be able to cope with your task better than us.


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