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Our approach (Presentation, 3Mb)

We work on THREE-STEP online sales SYSTEM

We have understood for a long time that the Internet sales consist of 3 steps:

STEP 1: TRAFFIC - attracting target customers to the website;

STEP 2: CONVERSION - the process when a visitor turns into a useful desired action (call or request from the website);

STEP 3: SALES - work on the customer’s side (as far as the prices are current and correspond to the market prices, if the potential client could get through, was the request processed as efficiently as possible, etc.).

Any chain is as strong as its weakest link. If at any of these steps there is a weak link - it will lead to a significant drop in sales.

In order to promote your business on the Internet, you need to purposefully work on each of these steps, what we do in the process of working on the project.


The main part of any project is analysis and immersion in the customer’s business. For business promotion on the Internet to be effective, you need to clearly understand who your clients are, what groups of customers you can distinguish, how much each group is interesting for you, how much you are willing to pay for attracting one client, what is the cost of attracting a client now, who are your competitors, what competitors do, what are their strengths and weaknesses. There are many more questions that we find out before starting work on the project.



Old version:

We can safely recommend specialists of Redfox as professionals in their work

...For a long time, thanks to the work of the agency, the website manages to maintain high website traffic, despite the growing competition every year...


Old version:

Most of the requests we are interested in are in the TOP-3 of search engines

...We wanted the website to be simple, clear and convenient. We believe that in the process of working on the website, specialists from RedFox did a great job and took into account all our wishes and requests...

...RedFox agency is not the first company with which we worked on website promotion. We saw the benefit from work in the growth of the website traffic, it has increased by 47% when compared with the same period last year...

...Were satisfied with the work and attitude towards us as a client...

Old version:

Cooperation was constructive in nature, the entire work process was divided into stages.

...It should be mentioned that the specialists were involved and immersed at each stage of work and were attentive to details and our wishes...



Unfortunately, far from all clients we can provide job description due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)


We believe that the promotion of business on the Internet shall be approached systematically, taking into account THREE STEPS that must be overcome to handle a sale.

Any chain is as strong as its weakest link. For a result, you need to work on the entire sales chain. In the process of work, we sometimes face the fact that any good work can be useless if the sales processes are poorly structured, there is no monitoring of competitors' prices, staff motivation is not well developed, and there is no accounting for incoming requests on the client’s side, so to speak, “at the last mile”. A systematic approach allows you to find the weak link and eliminate it.

Any problem can be solved in different ways, as in the same place, you can get using different roads. Our main task is to understand which solution will be the most effective.

As a rule, we offer a complete solution for effective online marketing. Properly configured contextual advertising, coupled with effective SEO- website promotion, advertising in the social networks, rework and improvement of the website, work with the sales department gives a greater effect than all this individually.


WEBSITES PROMOTION (website promotion, SEO, search engine optimization) is a package of measures to rework and improve your website, aimed at increasing the credibility of popular search engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. As a result of search engine promotion, your website is in higher positions, that increases its traffic, and consequently the number of calls and requests from the website increases.

CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING is an advertisement that is displayed on the search pages in response to targeted user requests, as well as in the form of ad units on partner’s websites taking into account the user's current interests.

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT. When we develop web sites on a turnkey basis, we select and group search queries, that is, collect a semantic kernel on the subject of the website, carry out competitors analyses, then develop the structure of your future website and perform usability – prototyping.

LEAD GENERATION is a type of marketing on the Internet that is based on receiving (generating) useful targeted actions - calls and requests from the website (leads), which implies payment for effective contacts. But there are certain hidden pitfalls that you as a customer shall know about.

PERFORMANCE-MARKETING is a package of measures that are aimed at achieving business targets by improving key indicators and the ratio of the advertising budget for each channel with real sales and profit.

VIDEO ADVERTISING is gaining more and more popularity. Many experts rightly believe that in the coming years, video advertising on the Internet will become one of the most popular types of advertising, due to its high interactivity, novelty effect and relatively low cost.

PROMOTION ON SOCIAL NETWORKS (SMM) is a complex of measures aimed at building of brand awareness and loyalty to it through energetic efforts with the audience of social networks.

WEBSITE ADMINISTRATION is divided into information and technical. We carry out website administration taking into account the rules of internal optimization, which allows us to get optimum efficiency from this type of work.

AUDIT | ANALYTICS | CONSULTATIONS. In the course of the work, periodically it is necessary to conduct audits and analytical effort, the result of which will be the preparation of recommendations for improving and optimizing problem points.

MOBILE APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT “on the turnkey basis” for tablets and mobile devices for various platforms.

IMPLEMENTATION AND CONFIGURATION OF CRM. In order to increase sales, optimize business processes, enhance customer service, we help you choose the best option and integrate the most suitable customer relationship management (CRM) into your business.

BUILDING A SALES DEPARTMENT is a very demanding challenge, because the financial stability of the company and its profit largely depend on its successful implementation. Therefore, to build a sales department it is required to have special skills and expert assistance.


The market of the online - marketing is quite multifaceted and complex. The main problem of the most customers is the lack of any clear regulations and standards that describe how to do this or that work. In the process of work, each company develops its own understanding and vision of how to properly approach work, and far from always the final results of work can be satisfied by the customer.

Any task can be solved in different ways, as you can get to the same place using different roads. Our main task is to understand which solution will be the most effective for you. As a rule, we offer a complete solution for effective online marketing. Properly configured contextual advertising combined with effective SEO-promotion of the website and advertising in the social networks, gives a greater effect than all individually.

We are working on a wide range of tasks that enables customers to contact the agency in the event of various difficult tasks and receive support, advice and solution. We work in a complex that allows the client to come with a problem and leave with a solution.

Three main reasons to work with us

1.We refine and improve our clients’ website while working and make them more sellable.

3.We deeply go into our clients’ businesses and offer unconventional solutions to difficult tasks.

2.We are a small company, that’s why we cherish every client.

Why is it easy to work with us? Why is it hard to work with us?
  • We are aimed at results. We go deeply into your basic business KPI; we consider what resources to use to reach main targets.
  • We teach our clients. To get a result, it is vital to work at every step of sales process; we give recommendations and teach our clients how to tackle the whole sales process organization.
  • We do even more. Our motto is do more than you are expected. Be much better than your competitors and you will always have clients.
  • We save your time. “Time is money”, somebody said and they were really mistaken. You cannot buy time. We save your time by doing the work in the way it should be done at once.
  • We are responsible performers. We manage our tasks very responsibly and we do understand the problems a business faces. We are always ready to find a compromise and help in a difficult situation.
  • We talk to a client on the same language without using lots of technical language.
  • We keep in mind the formula. Client satisfaction = results – expectations. We do our best to promise less and do more.
  • We find effective solutions to any tasks. Taking into account our experience every problem has a solution. If you can solve your problem with money, it is not a problem, it is expenses.
  • Our constant clients are able to get our help and support in any force majeure situation even at non-working hours.
  • We have off the beaten track solutions to our clients’ tasks.
  • We are ready to do more than it is agreed in the contract. It is more important for us clients’ satisfaction while working with us is more important for us than what is written in the contract.
  • We remind about domain and hosting services. Clients often forget to prolong domain agreement or to pay for hosting services. We track it and remind our clients about the payment periods.
  • We go deeply into your business peculiarities and that is why we ask too many questions.
  • We will always remind you about the issues you are fully responsible for (agreeing on texts, content provision etc).
  • We create sites slowly, thoroughly and deliberately. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do work quickly and with top quality.
  • We will strongly recommend you improving every step of a sales process.
  • A client is not always right. We think that clients contact us wishing to find experts, but not to tell us how to perform our work.
  • We do pay attention to small details as they matter. Be ready to help us to improve your project development.


We have real cases and customer reviews on our website, and not beautiful empty graphics. We post on the website examples of work indicating the name of the project, a list of the work performed and the results obtained. Unfortunately, we can show not many projects (especially for large brands) because of the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) - an agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information, but we show what we can.


We work well and with feeling :))

But seriously we thought for a long time whether it is worth describing on the website how we work, because the examples of our work and customer reviews will speak for themselves. We would not want to cut everything to a simple scheme that can be placed on any website in any subject and which does not make any sense, something from the category: you leave a request or call - we are preparing an offer - we sign a contract - we start to work ...

this is clear to everyone.

So what is our difference from most other companies?

We lose ourselves in your business, because it is important for us to understand what benefits you can get from our possible cooperation. We determine the goals and tasks that need to be solved and offer possible solutions. We analyze what is on the market, how your competitors work, how you work, how you differ from them. We develop a strategy for the development and promotion of your website, taking into account your budget, the characteristics of the target audience and data obtained based on analysis of competitors and initial communication with you. We offer a solution to your problems, choose approaches and working methods, plan deadlines. We constantly complete and rework the company's website in the process of working on the project. We are ready to solve almost any original tasks that appear at you or at your business.


Our team is a team of skilled specialists. We are very responsible in selecting employees for our team and are always looking for the best. We try to protect people. We value sincerity, competence, a desire to grow and develop. We keep to a simple principle: find smart and proactive people - train them – stay out intelligent people’s way. Heads of departments themselves choose colleagues with whom they will work. We understand that employees are more important than customers. There will be good specialists - there will be customers (no way round it), without good specialists there will be nothing.

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